• Different rooms
    Different rooms

    You can operate your rooms seperate with the most advanced controlpanel of the pigeon climate control








  • Health pigeons
    Health pigeons

    To create the most perfect climate you will get as result health pigeons who will perfom much better and take care for healthier brood.







  • Climate control
    Climate control

    The operation of the pigeon climate control is simple and effective.








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Co2 climate control

Afbeelding42We are working in the industrial extraction technology since 1979. These experiences we have taken with us in creating a suction system for lofts.

The system that we have recently developed is unlike any other extraction systems on the market. Those refreshed the air with a fixed 'rhythm' and often not even and not draft free. The required amount of fresh air was not actually measured.

The new pigeon climate control system ensures that the amount of air is adjusted to the need of the amount of pigeons, which are present in the loft. This happens fully automatically. Our new system is revolutionary in the market.