• Different rooms
    Different rooms

    You can operate your rooms seperate with the most advanced controlpanel of the pigeon climate control








  • Health pigeons
    Health pigeons

    To create the most perfect climate you will get as result health pigeons who will perfom much better and take care for healthier brood.







  • Climate control
    Climate control

    The operation of the pigeon climate control is simple and effective.








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Intelligent system

All good lofts have a good ventilation. The only disadvantage of natural ventilation systems is that they depend on the weather. That is why you sometimes hear fanciers say 'my loft is best with warm weather and northeasterly'. Here they do not mean that the pigeons are in their element with this weather, but they mean the circumstances which have ensured that the birds were in shape.
That is history with our system. Thanks to sophisticated, specially developed software, in combination with CO2 sensors, coupled with modulating fans you get a permanent, perfect air quality. Thereby the comfort value (0.7 m / sec) is not exceeded and you get a pleasant climate in the loft.
When necessary
the computer creates slowly but surely some extra in-and outlet or just the opposite, reduced to almost nothing. For example, there are young in the nest, then you see the computer intervene. Is the night for the widowers then the speed falls almost to zero. So the system does not respond to heat but at optimum air climate!
Everything is very gradual in terms of increasing or decreasing speed. The software is made ​​such that no peaks occur in the run-off and supply. The surface through which air enters is calculated and so great that there cannot occur draw. The same applies to the drain. For example, the area which covers a section of 2.5 x 2 meters, the strip is fifty centimeters wide and two meters long. In between are also other special filters that neutralize the dust, in short for comfort of the pigeon and the fancier.Afbeelding32

The display provides all the information needed to keep a good overview. Also you can see the CO2 level up in special circumstances. If you and another fancier will see the pigeons, the CO2 value easily rises of 750 up to 1250 or even higher.
You will also see the computer screen respond in increasing the outlet. If you are in the loft you notice and feel nothing of it. The only thing you feel is a pleasant climate in the lofts where you also do not smell the pigeons.
The major advantage of supernatural exhaust ventilation is that there occurs no draw. Additional ventilation when needed is often accompanied by draw and tour, and we all know that leads to ornithosis.
We chose direct current fans, which are accurate to arrange and also use much less energy. Stationary the fan uses about 7 watts per hour, which is extremely low.
In short: you get pigeons with a breathtaking health, that must be worth a lot, right?