• Different rooms
    Different rooms

    You can operate your rooms seperate with the most advanced controlpanel of the pigeon climate control








  • Health pigeons
    Health pigeons

    To create the most perfect climate you will get as result health pigeons who will perfom much better and take care for healthier brood.







  • Climate control
    Climate control

    The operation of the pigeon climate control is simple and effective.








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What is CO2

People and animals consume oxygen and convert it into CO2. A high CO2 level is harmful to people's health, but also for the health of pigeons. Too much CO2 leads to poor air quality with health problems as a result. co2

So we strive to clean air in the pigeon loft, but what is that exactly? When talking about pure air, you talk about a proper ratio of oxygen and CO2. If that ratio is not good, then health problems can be developed. In air of good quality is the percentage of oxygen is around 20% and CO2 is around 17%.
With these scientifically established values, maximas of CO2 can be calculated. With these values, it becomes possible to monitor a good indoor climate.

In the open field, this value is approximately 450 ppm (particles per million). In a building where people live and work the CO2 value fluctuates generally between 1000 and 1500 ppm. In a school for example, when the value is above 2000, the school needs to be evacuated and the children may not be present in the classroom. If the air in a room with humans or animals after a period of time is not changed, then there will be more and more CO2 in the air. Until there is a time when the values become a danger to their health.

In short: If you have the CO2 level under control, then you are well on your way. When you also watching the temperature and the humidity, you can speak of a healthy and pleasant climate.