• Different rooms
    Different rooms

    You can operate your rooms seperate with the most advanced controlpanel of the pigeon climate control








  • Health pigeons
    Health pigeons

    To create the most perfect climate you will get as result health pigeons who will perfom much better and take care for healthier brood.







  • Climate control
    Climate control

    The operation of the pigeon climate control is simple and effective.








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Top result

On the race from Hapert last May 27, 5 pigeons of Comb. Hoekstra Ferwerda classified themselves
in the top 20 in a field of nearly 20,000 birds. This was achieved thanks to good pigeons in excellent health. All these pigeons are housed in a loft, where the new pigeon climate control system is installed.

This performance is exceptional because this was achieved at the longest distance with northern wind. So the combination lives far from suitable.